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August 6th, 2012

Service Learning

Service learning promotes student learning and development through thoughtfully organized service experiences. With Bluebird Experience, you are sure to find a hands-on project that gets you out in nature, experiencing all of the magic it has to offer.

Current Projects

Past Projects 

The projects below were completed as of May 14, 2016

The projects below were completed as of August 28, 2013.

Honors Course

A  UW-Eau Claire honors course was offered Spring of 2013 called Civic Agency: Restoring Bluebird Habitats! The course fell into the Natural Sciences General Education category. These students worked hard to gather information and data to create a Bluebird Manual, that can help you monitor and be a citizen scientist with your own Bluebird Box at home! Click here to download!


Sustaining the Environment

The following internship was completed September of 2013 by Samuel Hetzel, a conservation student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

  • Mission Statement: The mission of Bluebird Experience is to create, motivate and inspire people on how to become a citizen scientist, when they connect with nature and use technology effectively. Bluebird Experience fosters learning and academic excellence, by working with scientists, educators, and nature enthusiasts to restore songbirds and the habitat. This is in order to create a sustainable, fulfilling, and academically enriching environment for our community and for science.
  • This internship will include (but is not limited to), planting a variety of wildflowers and native grasses in designated areas, in order to sustain the environment, by stopping and preventing soil erosion. This soil erosion on the playgrounds is due to wind and rain. Seeding these areas with flowering ground cover would protect and sustain the erosion concerns, while providing a native habitat for our birds, as well as hummingbirds, bees, and other insects.
  • Also, this internship includes creating an Indoor/Outdoor classroom for the children at The Priory. Using the native plants and flowers, this internship student will help the Children’s Nature Academy teachers to create curriculum for children ages 6-12. This could include games, activities, and general education about the soil, plants, and environment.
  • Another goal of this internship, is to have the student create a healthy habitat that attracts birds year after year, by providing a clean and movable water source for the birds. Monitoring the current birds and entering the data into Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s NestWatch, creates the connection between nature and technology, while helping our community, as well as the scientists at Cornell University.
  • Also by using Yardmap (an online resource provided by Cornell Lab of Ornithology), the student will have the opportunity to beautify the grounds, and show others the magic of nature.
  • The objective of this internship is to provide students with a hands-on learning opportunity, while bridging nature and technology with children, by creating and sustaining an environment where children can learn and grow, while having fun.